Saturday, 22 October 2016

Our second day - Wrapping up loose ends

After our first lesson and confusion in logging in, Mr. Dawson set to work putting in a request to the IT dept. to have passwords reset for his forgetful students. Few students had gotten the chance to complete the Analysis activity for Task 1, so we wen over it as a class. I like to start every lesson off with a puzzle,  so I provided them with this "buggy" program. We discussed the difference between a computer virus and a bug in a program, which I was surprised to discover not one student knew previously.

After discussing the program and fixing the bug we worked through the analysis activity:

We discussed how the numbers in the blue move blocks are always ADDED to the current x value in the coordinates. Moving right you are adding a positive number and moving left you are adding a negative number. It was great to see every student in the class grasping the concept (though some required a little extra discussion).

With a beginning understanding of  coordinates and integers I set them loose on their next task. I'll be posting some images of their work once their release forms are in, hopefully early next week.

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