Friday, 21 October 2016

Introducing the Project

Last week we introduced the Coding Project and gave the grade 7 students their first task. Our SET-BC computers were not ready for us yet so we booked the schools computer lab. We showed them the demo game and explained the project. 

They were very eager to get to the computers but had to create their coding plan before starting. The first task is relatively simple but is designed to get the students to immediately attend to the concept of opposite integers.

We decided to do the first few learning activities individually rather than in pairs. Unfortunately, being the the first time many of the students were accessing school computers this year, most of the student had forgotten their passwords and were unable to log on so only a few were able to finish the activity.

Some students ended doubling up and most were able to complete the task on the computers but then we ran into another issue. The Students were unable to download and save thier projects due to a hiccup in our lab set up. Frustrating but not a gigantic problem since right now the goal is to learn basic programming and math concepts rather than begin the actual game.

We are looking forward to having our own computers in the classroom (thanks to SET-BC). Hopefully they will be ready soon.

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