Monday, 6 February 2017

Tech Woes

The grade sevens had a bit of a bumpy start in the new year. A large number of them forgot their passwords over the holidays so they were unable to log in. We have discovered a bit of a hick-up with the password reset process. It seems that the verification emails and password reset emails are not making it to the student emails. I wonder if the issue is with some kind of blocking through the district. The teacher account sound like it could be a good solution but three teachers in the district have tried signing up, both with school district emails and with gmail accounts and none of us have received a verification email yet. My guess is that you need to use a school district email in order to verify that you are a teacher, but that the district is somehow blocking emails from scratch.

In the meantime, students are going to use the offline editor or use the online one without logging in by uploading and downloading files. This will work with the SetBC laptops, but not with the Ncomputing lab because it will not let you download files from the web (so frustrating!) It's a bit cumbersome and time consuming but it's the only option we have for the moment. The inability to verify emails is also making it not possible for students to "share" their project online, even if they did remember their passwords.

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