Thursday, 17 October 2013

What is the Best Way to Project my iPad or ipod touch?

I have had a few teachers ask recently how to project their ipods and ipads. There are a few ways to do it, including purchasing a projector specially designed for your iDevice, but assuming you already have a general purpose projector, here are 2 ways to “get'er done”.
Wireless projection:
You can use a 3rd party application called AirServer ( which enables you to use Airplay on your computer. This is the best way to wirelessly project the ipad (works only with iPad 2 and above). You can also use Airplay to project newer ipod touches and ipods (4S and above for iPhones, and 5 and above for iPods) If the computer is connected to a projector then you can see it on the Projector. The computer and the iDevice need to be on the same wireless network in order to work.
Wired Connection:
To project without a computer you can only do it wired with an adapter and the cord that comes with the iPAd. This will mirror the newer ipods, and IPad 2 and above, but will only play videos or images (not mirroring of the full screen) for older iPod touches (ipod 4 and below or ipad 1). You can purchase a VGA adapter or a HDMI adapter from the apple store.


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